A year in the making.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how you can ‘forget’ to do things?

Forget might not actually be the right word here, you know. Ignore possibly sums it up a lot better. For the last year I have ignored the necessity to update my website. All that HTML bobbins, the hassle of PHP, keeping all the images up to date… No, couldn’t be bothered. I used the site to dump hidden downloads and that was about it.

A few things happend late last year (2007) that have prompted this return to Updateland. Firstly, work on my new game (I’ll come to this at some other point, most likely a year down the line….) has been far more complicated than I thought it would be. The code has changed from Blitz Basic, a language that I was ‘comfortable’ with, to C++ and the Allegro library. Well, I’d done a ‘Hello World’ in C, what could possibly go wrong? After a few months of learning, re-learning and starting from scratch the 100th time, I decided I needed to document my progress a little more that I had been (I have a thread on Retro Remakes) so that, even if nobody else was interested, I would have a reference point for my future projects. At roughly the same time I decided this, I was invited by Oddbob, site owner and head mod of Retro Remakes, to help out with newsing items for the site’s front page, an offer I accepted and undertook.

Retro Remakes, it must be said, takes up quite a bit of my time. This was another excuse not to do anything on my site and for another 4 months or so I happily ploughed away newsing new news and keeping the ‘This week in remakes’ section rolling.

In March this year (2008) I decided enough was enough. I decided to take the plunge and install WordPress on my web server, and use the 1337 Sk1llz I’d gained on RR and make my site worthwhile.

So here it is.

Slightly Less Than Average is nothing more nor less than my life in thought. You can expect info on my games, including downloads and the like, stuff about work, my hobbies, my gaming, my music, to be fair, if I live and breathe it, I’ll write it.

And it all starts HERE……


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