Revelation and Restoration

Today has been like an rebirth for Underlord. I had almost given up on it earlier this week. Lack of story, lack of puzzles, lack of graphics, lack of time, lack of comitment……

Then, you know you have one of those days. The kids are both out, the Mrs is playing on the DS, you got nothing better to do so……….

I sat down today and wrote me a plot. THE plot, I didn’t know I had it in me, it’s the bit I was dreading. The plot, a storyline, the puzzles, it all came out today over the space of 3 hours sitting at the dining table with MEditator on the laptop and a blank notepad at hand.

I managed to get all my co-ordinates worked out for the objects, I finalised the map, I drew (hah!) some place holder graphics…. Things are back on track.

I need to get some coding done now, then worry about my graphics later.

Enthusiasm is building again, Come on MK! – You can do it!


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