Grym Jim

Well, work has started in earnest on game IV.

Grym Jim is a simple concept, the story runs thusly……

 “T’was a dark and stormy eve when Death himself appeared at Jim’s door. Clad in black robe with scythe in bone’d hand He sucked the life from poor Jim’s mortal body….. Our Jim wasn’t having ANY of this.”

You play Jim, dark sorceror and dead bloke, well, currently dead, but with aspirations edging towards life once again. With the last ounce of strength left in your body you perform the Rite of Merging and become one with the skeletal harvester himself.

Now, in your current state of half-life, you must seek the life blood of other beings in the depths of the Underworld, only then will you have the power to return unto the face of the Earth.

And you’ve got a companion too. Death (call me Grym, all my friends do) wants out of this un-holy conjoining, between you there is much stuggle to overcome and a long path to travel…… Will it all work out for you in the end?

Grym Jim is a game intended for the Retro Remakes CD 50 project. I’ve had a kind offer of graphics from Oddbob and things are motoring along nicely.

More info as and when……


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