Random Witterings

Yup, that’s what I’m working on right now…..

GrymJim is to have randomly generated enemies. Why? Laziness mostly, but also to see what it’s like. I like the idea of a random element to to Jim’s quest to mix things up a little.

 OK, when I say random enemies, here is the plan….

I’ll assign random values to things like the X location of an enemy, it’s speed, direction and the like. What I’ll NOT do is cast a seed so the locations of the enemies will ALWAYS be the same (in theory) so no one play will be at an advantage (or disadvantage).

Anyway – the first screenies. Be warned, these are using my cobbled together, badly drawn excuse for pixel art.

And it gets better……..

Actually, I don’t think Grym is TOO bad….

There you go anyway, an update for updates sake quite possibly, but an update none the less.


One Response to “Random Witterings”

  1. Spraydough Says:

    Sparkes commented, and I inadvertently deleted………

    And you are the first blog link on my restarted blog so I can remember to follow Grym’s development. 🙂

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