Grym Tidings

Well, I’ve been considering writing this for the last couple of weeks, but there you go, it sums me up good and propper, putting things off.

Grym Jim has, possibly not unexpectedly, come to it’s premature end, shuffled off it’s mortal coil, gone to see the great game maker in the sky and, finaly, been resigned to the coding graveyard known as the ‘abandoned pile’.

The thing is, and I feel bad for it, I’m SO glad it’s over because I didn’t enjoy it one little bit. The idea, I still believe, was a goodun, the implementation was, however, shit. I mean REALLY shit.

Coding the game felt like a drag, it took an enormous effor to put finger to keyboard to just write the simplest of functions. It was painful.

I’d like to say I’ve learnt a lot from it, but I haven’t. I’ve learnt a bit, certainly, like ‘Don’t try dragging a game out for longer than is good for you’ and ’tile based collision doesn’t really work too well for a beat ’em up’, but a lot? No.

The main issue I have with stopping development on it is that it was meant for the RR CD 50. For all those people involved in the project, I’m sorry, truly sorry. Thanks must go to Oddbob who had offered to sort out the graphics for me and to the rest of the admins for all the encouragement at the start of the project. Once again, I’m sorry.

The upshot of it is, however, that coding has restarted on Underlord.

Until I get bored of that, obviously šŸ™‚


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