Mouldy Old Dough

So, after 3 months or so of doing squat all on here I’m back. It’s been a busy 3 months too. What’s happened? Well….

  • I’m unemployed – obviously this is a bit of a downer so I’ll get it out of the way first and not dwell on it!
  • Underlord is complete! – Not entirely true, not even close to true, I’ll post on it’s status at some point in the near future
  • The Retro Remakes Competition 2008 has finished and the judging has been judged. No official announcement concerning the winner has been made yet due to other matters but it’ll be soon…
  • Retro Remakes was hacked. Badly hacked. Actually, incredibly well hacked. Oddbob has worked his arse off over the last few weeks to get some semblance of normality back to the site. He’s got new forums up and running and there’s a temporary front page. I gather he’s working on restoring the hosted sites at the moment. This has caused a huge postponement in the announcement of the competition results.
  • The Ripon Charity Pantomime has been and gone. For those of you who don’t know, both my eldest daughter Kim and I are both involved in the panto (along with a lot of very good friends – Wochamate John, Gina, Et al) and, for the second year running I managed to bluff my way into another principal slot. I’ll get a full report up at some point, hopefully before next year’s panto…..
  • My Facebook activity is going up and down like an uppy-downy thing. I need more friends so add me!.
  • I’ve started and abandoned about a half dozen games, some have actually had code written and one has even had a map created which meant completely rewriting the map editor I made for Underlord. This is a GOODTHING.COM as there was at least one good thing to come out of the whole WIP > RIP process. The games I have ditched are as follows..
  1. The Wild Bunch
  2. Wriggler
  3. Everyone’s a Wally
  4. Gatecrasher
  5. Bards Tale 2
  6. Action Biker (ZX Spec version)
  • I’ve been offered the graphics for one of my favorite shooters, Cyberun. This will most likely be my new WIP though I’ve not actually done anything on it as of yet (I’m waiting to see how many sprites I’ve got, sizes, etc).

I’m sure there’s been other stuff happen but it will have to wait till I remember it.

I’ve got things to do now, I need to get my 3 completed games up on this here site somehow as I just noticed today that there are absolutly no links on the web for any of then (how HAVE you been coping?)


2 Responses to “Mouldy Old Dough”

  1. Susan Caverta Says:

    Will there be any update on this post BTW? I have added your feed to my reader.

  2. Henry Says:

    Be interested to see the 3 games. Was it you who had a go at Sim (BBC game) as well? Thought I remembered the name.

    I occasionally start work on a remake (eg: Repton of all things) but nothing beyond square one/two yet:)

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