Back tracking and back on track

Well, after some consideration and much support from the Retroremakes chaps, I have reconsidered shelving Action Biker and have been working on it for the past few days.

One of the things that I have decided to do is, however, challenge myself with a second project. One that will start from scratch and be given a time limit.

Action Biker will be continued after the completion of this mini project.


2 Responses to “Back tracking and back on track”

  1. shaymanjohn Says:

    How’s the mini-project going and when is it ready?

    • spraydough Says:

      Ah, good question. The mini-project is in early stages of development – haha. I got an extra week on my contract so am only doing little bits and pieces at the moment. I’ll have a post up about it next week.

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