A Kind of Magick?

It’s odd, isn’t it. Fate, I mean. In the last year I’ve completed 2 games and started a third and yet, have I updated my blog? Have I hell! Yet today I decided to do it. Today of all days.

It would appear that tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my last blog post. How odd, then, that I have news!

I’ve been working on Heavy on the Magick on and off for a while, but I’ve made very little progress. That’s not fair actually, I’ve made SOME progress, work on my XML map and game data, graphics ripping, moving sprites around, the normal stuff, but nothing that you could say was work towards HotM in particular.

The problem, you see, and I’m sure I may have mentioned this, is graphics. I’ve played around with ripped sprites, tidied them up the best I can, arranged them in a useable sprite sheet, blitted them to the screen and…… they still look shocking!

So then, what to do?

I’m not happy with my sprites but I want to get the engine working, I mean, if I have a proven working engine then I MIGHT be able to persuade someone to draw some pretty pictures for me. How can I do the game some justice without exposing the world to my gash blitting?

Ladies and gentlemen, I offer, for your perusal and comment……

Yep, you read it right…. ASCII on the Magick. I can cope with a bit of ASCII… And you know what? I’m getting somewhere. Using the power of the font, I’ve now got in:

Text input movement – working

A compass – working

Wall decor – Partly working

An ASCII map – working

And that’s just for starters…..

I’ll keep this up to date when I remember, but I thought I’d share my progress while I actually had some. So, as the title says, it’s a KIND of magick…..


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